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Kamol Chandra Roy
About me
Transforming Data into Insights: Spatial Data Scientist and Civil Engineer

Welcome to my website! I'm a spatial data scientist with expertise in civil engineering (transportation), specializing in machine learning and big data analysis for extracting valuable insights from spatial data. I integrate advanced algorithms and models to uncover hidden patterns and make predictions, enabling data-driven decision-making. With a focus on machine learning, I identify trends and provide a comprehensive understanding of spatial phenomena. Experienced in handling large-scale geospatial datasets, I efficiently process big data to extract meaningful insights. Explore my portfolio to see the power of spatial data analysis and applications in urban planning, infrastructure development, and more. Through my blog, I share valuable insights on spatial data analysis, GIS, machine learning, and big data. Contact me to leverage machine learning and big data for your spatial analysis needs. Together, we'll unlock the full potential of spatial data.

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Check-out my applications

Facial Similarity App
(Coming soon ---)

  • Photos: Annotate photo with Similarity Score
  • Videos: Annotate your video and export as Animation or Video

Road Trip Planner
(Coming soon ---)
  • Optimized tour path given list of addresses
  • Export optimized path as image or pdf
Motorcycle Safety App (Ridesafe)
(Coming soon ---)
  • Find safety tips
  • Find accident prone locations